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Digital Paradigm
Digital Paradigm is equipped to provide you with the solutions that you dream of. It is our duty to reveal the charismatic world of your enterprise through our originality, creativity and advanced technological inputs. Our expertise in a diverse arena allows us to comprehend and in turn produce according to your desires as we aim to trade “TRUST” in turn for your co-operation.

Healthcare Industry Solutions
Our industrious commitment and awareness of the health care industry and understanding of the technological requirements makes us capable of designing solutions for health care providers in its most sensuous manner. We enhance their believe to “ASSIST” and have thus produced standardized solutions for our clients which are not just aesthetically pleasing but also serve the purpose of wider access and spread of information concerning health care.

E-Business Solutions
Digital Paradigm has made its mark excelling in providing E-commerce solutions for various entities, capitalizing on our capabilities to comprehend and create customized solutions. Our enhancement initiates from the vibrant store front to various easily navigable management services and links, integrating with renowned payment gateways to bring to life your product boasting of a rich and creative ambience that we design.

CRM Solutions
Digital Paradigm CRM solutions can be your gateway to a better managed and prosperous business as we undertake to provide you with your web access to ensure availability of every minute information that you need to send across. Our delicate and creative handling of your data and services, may it be marketing information or customer care, brings to light every bright aspect of your business.

Digital Paradigm has a command over ERP solutions specifically designed and enriched with customized features to not only sustain but to dominate with your business, enlightening people with your skills and capacities. Furthermore, we also offer ERP consultancy to assist you in understanding and implementing on leading ERP packages. Your ERP application may include:

* Financials
* Supply chain management
* Procurement
* Customer relationship management
* Human resources management
* Business intelligence
* Mobile business

We will help you plan, manage and lead you to the ladder of prosperity through our Rapid Return on Investment solutions, designed to take you to your destination through the shortest route that you could ever plan.

Human Resource Management
With the assistance of our integrated human resource and technical expertise, we are accoutered to match and keep pace with the needs of various organizations. We not only provide HRMS and HRIS products but also engage in HR consultancy to streamline all your HR processes. Our solutions are multifunctional and can be molded in accordance with the user’s choice of HR processes which may vary from; recruiting to Hiring, Compensating, Benefits, Discipline, Training and Development and Employee relations.
Our experienced consultants will provide a comprehensive and easily perceptive recommendation to make every step comfortable for our clients.

Financial Software Solutions
Digital Paradigm believes in the providence of cost-effective products and availability of services in order to maintain flourishing relations, focuses on high quality solutions. We provide reliable and secure services to commercial banks, stock brokers and corporate financial institutions and enrich their original product with customer appealing diversity and widen their prospect of future customers.

Media & Design Solutions
Digital Paradigm has always considered future demands and ever increasing competition when fulfilling our client’s demands. Since sustenance requires effective existence in mass media, we offer our help to business seeking global online representations to gear them up for brighter prospects and world wide recognition. We will create a platform for you to reach eminence and expose your true worth. Its time you start dreaming, and we’ll make it happen. Through :

* Corporate Website
* Company Profile
* Brochure
* Flyers
* Newsletters
* Visiting Cards etc.
Digital Paradigm is renowned for specialization in customized software development. We have initiated application of a set of reusable components that allows significant enhancement in time management efficiency, increases reliability and minimizes risks in custom enterprise solution development. Some of the services Digital Paradigm provides can be listed under the following heads
* E-Business
* Web Design
* System Analysis
* Client/Server Application Development and Implementation
* Professional Data-Entry Services
Keeping an adaptive approach to technologies and changing technical market, we give our clients an efficient and personal service.